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View Diary: Welcome New Users: Browsing for Diaries and Creating a Stream (73 comments)

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  •  Well, "mojo" is what the site gives us (5+ / 0-)

    to encourage us to participate (nicely). You can see your mojo on the left side of your profile page, just under the flagman portrait where your avatar would go. You can have up to five vertical orange bars of mojo; you're just starting out, but you already have a couple!

    You collect mojo by being a good site citizen -- you get it when people recommend your comments and diaries, but you also get it for recommending other people's work, and for various other elements of site participation. The exact formula is closely guarded, to prevent anyone from "gaming" it.

    People can also damage their mojo, by collecting "hide ratings" from Trusted Users (which indicate that a comment is judged unfit to be viewed as part of the site -- if a comment collects enough HRs, it becomes invisible to readers other than Trusted Users.) If someone racks up enough damage, the site's robot guardians will ban them!

    And it is not at all a stupid question! Long-time users sometimes forget that this gibberish we speak is not just obvious. You found the perfect place to ask, though! Followups are entirely welcome.  ;)

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