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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: It's going to be hard not to feature E.W. Jackson daily (47 comments)

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  •  Delicious prose, David! (1+ / 0-)
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    • VA-LG: E.W. Jackson isn't just an oppo researcher's dream, he's an oppo researcher's mescaline-fueled fantasy bender riding on pegasus-back.
    Love this too:
    Meanwhile, Jeff Shapiro of the Richmond Times Dispatch claims that Jackson "may be facing a rear-guard effort to strip him of the nomination" by Republicans terrified of his candidacy. But, he adds, "there apparently is nothing in the GOP's rules authorizing anyone or any committee to remove a duly nominated candidate for state or local office." So sorry!
    If Virginia Dems can't make hay under this much "sunshine," well, we'll deserve to lose.

    Kook:  no birth control pills for college girls. Jackson:  Planned Parenthood worse than Ku Klux Klan.  Obenshain:  You had an alleged miscarriage?  Off to jail with you!

    Pass the popcorn please--I like lots of butter on mine, diets be damned!

    "Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."--Napoleon

    by Diana in NoVa on Thu May 23, 2013 at 06:29:13 AM PDT

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