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  •  Another riff on "innocent" (15+ / 0-)
    He was probably the sweetest, most innocent man ever to serve in the Oval Office. ... He was never dark, never mean.... This sunny man touched so many Americans. .
    Gag.   Yeah, he "touched" them already.  A dagger in their back.

    I recently listened to an interview with the author of  Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals, and Reagan's Rise to Power. Reagan was one of Hoover's favorite informants during the Red Threat.

    Hoover could always count on the zealous assistance, both covert and public, of a number of national celebrities and local politicians. The most significant of these, Rosenfeld shows, was none other than Ronald Wilson Reagan. Reagan’s close relationship with the FBI began early in the Cold War, when he exchanged “information” about pro-Communist actors, screenwriters, and union officials with agents who stopped by his home in the Hollywood hills.
     He routinely passed along to the Bureau rumors about Communists in the film industry and frequently lauded the FBI in speeches, press interviews, and on television.
    After Reagan became governor, he was Hoover's hatchetman when he ousted the very popular and successful Clark Kerr, the chancellor of UC-Berkeley and president the whole University of California.   Basically because Kerr showed liberal tendencies and was open to granting students free speech rights on campus.

    St. Reagan, nice guy upholding American Republican conservative values of paranoia, vendettas,  and suppression of Constitutional rights.

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