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View Diary: Weatherdude was Right but he Just Scratched the Surface (93 comments)

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    The typical plane is 90 minutes, when I was working on NPOESS bid we were talking about being a bit further out, at 110 minutes.  The birds don't go over the same place with each pass - they move with the sun at about 18 degrees per orbits.  That is why you need more than 2.

    •  no orbit is optimal i imagine (1+ / 0-)
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      Im a frayed knot

      constant sun angle, constant ground track,  constant time
      or some odd molniya orbit,

      all have their tradeoffs.

      i'd rather see a complex constellation with a bunch of deep diving inclined birds,  lets you get the beenefits of both and have robustness, but, i'm not in charge.

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