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  •  What do they know about Catholic social justice (0+ / 0-)

    teaching? The fact is that the official Vatican positions on social justice issues are well to the left of, say, those of the socialist Kenyan Muslim president.  (go to )

    A few choice examples:

     302. Remuneration is the most important means for achieving justice in work relationships.[659] The “just wage is the legitimate fruit of work”.[660]

    They commit grave injustice who refuse to pay a just wage or who do not give it in due time and in proportion to the work done....The simple agreement between employee and employer with regard to the amount of pay to be received is not sufficient for the agreed-upon salary to qualify as a “just wage”, because a just wage “must not be below the level of subsistence”[662] of the worker: natural justice precedes and is above the freedom of the contract.

    Or this:

    303. The economic well-being of a country is not measured exclusively by the quantity of goods it produces but also by taking into account the manner in which they are produced and the level of equity in the distribution of income, which should allow everyone access to what is necessary for their personal development and perfection. An equitable distribution of income is to be sought on the basis of criteria not merely of commutative justice but also of social justice that is, considering, beyond the objective value of the work rendered, the human dignity of the subjects who perform it. Authentic economic well-being is pursued also by means of suitable social policies for the redistribution of income which, taking general conditions into account, look at merit as well as at the need of each citizen.

    Or maybe this:

     355. Tax revenues and public spending take on crucial economic importance for every civil and political community. The goal to be sought is public financing that is itself capable of becoming an instrument of development and solidarity. Just, efficient and effective public financing will have very positive effects on the economy, because it will encourage employment growth and sustain business and non-profit activities and help to increase the credibility of the State as the guarantor of systems of social insurance and protection that are designed above all to protect the weakest members of society.

    Public spending is directed to the common good when certain fundamental principles are observed: the payment of taxes [739] as part of the duty of solidarity; a reasonable and fair application of taxes;[740] precision and integrity in administering and distributing public resources.[741] In the redistribution of resources, public spending must observe the principles of solidarity, equality and making use of talents. It must also pay greater attention to families, designating an adequate amount of resources for this purpose.[742]

    And there are many more examples, such as opposition to the death penalty, or this one:  "438. To resolve the tensions that arise among different political communities and can compromise the stability of nations and international security, it is indispensable to make use of common rules in a commitment to negotiation and to reject definitively the idea that justice can be sought through recourse to war."

    The problem, however, is that there is in the American church a large subset of Catholics who enthusiastically support the Church's teachings on basic theological issues, and upon such personal issues as sexuality, but totally ignore the social justice positions the Church has actively promulgated since 1893, when Leo XIII issued Rerum Novarum. And the overarching reason for this is abortion.  The opposition by conservative Catholics to abortion has led them to reject every other position that abortion proponents support.  The Democratic party supports abortion; abortion is evil; therefore everything else the Democrats support is evil.  The syllogism is false in itself, of course, and ignores the fact that a lot of the things the Democrats support are also supported by the Church.  

    That said, if the notion is that the social justice teachings of mainline Protestant churches will be undermined by Catholic influence, someone hasn't been paying attention to what the Catholic Church actually teaches.

    •  I don't think that the issue (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      is as you suggest.  The Catholics and the Protestants have been headed in the same general direction on social justice for a long time.

      But the Catholic hierarchy has been moving as fast as possible away from the kinds of teachings you describe for decades now.  Words in the official teachings are only as good as their intention to carry them out.

      Meanwhile, the likes of Cardinal Dolan are greatly influenced by the named Catholic neo-conservatives in this piece.

      •  v. powerful link/post by FCoco re rc hierarchy.... (0+ / 0-)

        The heritage of jp2 and b16.......... and their ilk.

        This diary is a mind blower.... reading through the links, the iciness of it all chills.  

        Answers a question I have had for a long time:  'why haven't the mainline Protestant denominations spoken out more in favor of social justice, etc.'  Perhaps, it is perhaps because they have been under mortal attack, by a divide and conquer strategy that you have written about and documented so well.

        Is establishing a theocratic society/world the real end game?  That strikes me more as a means to some other end. The more I learn about the theo/neocons the more I ask, "Why?"  Why are these people doing this?  

        With the moral stature and guidance and prophetic voice of the free churches gone or greatly diminished, and instead the absolute voice of authoritarian church in support of radical right politics, there would be little to prevent a real non-democratic control of society.  In other words, is the theocratic goal merely a path/vehicle to allow for a true fascistic control of society?

        I cannot think of a path of reasoning with these questions and these facts that doesn't end in a 'dystopian' destination.

        I've been thinking about this diary all day, Fred, (thanks for that, grumble, grumble...) and this is all I can say. .....

        We Must DISARM THE NRA The next life you save may be ONE OF YOUR OWN!

        by SeaTurtle on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 04:58:32 PM PDT

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