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  •  Since my stories tend to come to me in (5+ / 0-)

    an overall form, finding those IMPORTANT MOMENTS is easy. Usually I am working back from those IMPORTANT MOMENTS to fill in how they got to making that choice. Sometimes justifying that point does get contrived, which is when I have to make a choice on how important that moment really is. Usually, it gets amended.
    And the amendments cause a recheck of how they got there. .
    I feel like I go back and forth quite a bit, refining the balance. Usually it's like a carver, making the sculpture more and more clear. Occasionally, its just a lump of wood good for the fire.

        Brightport seemed more like Blightport, Adele reflected sourly. Did that have anything to do with how things ended with Jamie? She shrugged. Perhaps. But it looked like the town had tanked hard since she’d last been here. Maybe Jamie had tanked too, without her to calm the disasters he’d leave in his wake.

        Well, if that was his excuse tonight, he’d have to fix his own. He was supposed to be helping her with her mess. She stopped. This should be the address she’d wrangled out of him. Positive side, it was still standing. Being made of stone, in a dome shape, probably aided it unlike most of the neighborhood. Beyond it was a small beach and the ocean angrily pounding from the growing storm.

        By the plant growth obscuring the two small windows and the large wood door, the place had not been inhabited for some time. The door thudded under her fist making her smile slightly. Jamie had gotten “big thick door” right, at least. She mentally added heavy to the list as she tried to open it. With hinges screaming like a banshee, the door opened about a hand width. Foul odors were followed by the resident bats.

        “Oh, eww!”

        Not all the wetness was rain. Joy.

        She sensed Tamien, the dragon bond had held, to her relief. She focused. It was too soon, too light out yet.

        Tamien’s answer was the image of a large- very large squid. With a frying pan? In a frying pan? Tamien in the frying pan? Certainly in a panic!

        Adele heaved again on the door, forcing it against it’s un-oiled protest. Tamien was bringing his squid problem, Jamie had stood her up, again, and . . .

        There was a bat guano covered skeleton in their safehouse.

        “Well, shit!”

    I am much too liberal to be a Democrat.

    by WiseFerret on Thu May 23, 2013 at 07:44:08 PM PDT

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