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    I grew up in Shawano, and spent a year on Lake Superior. My sister still lives in Madison, and I've had cousins from Ladysmith and surrounding areas.

    My dad was one of those "haters", and I've never understood why. They were all around, and the evidence was overt; something like in the south. People are people. Skin color or culture are irrelevant. Mankind is on this planet on an equal basis.

    We "whites" have treated the American Indian  abominably. I believe the correct word would be genocide. We probably killed as many Native Americans as Hitler did Jews. That fact has been whitewashed from our history a lot. Did you notice that people deny that which they are most ashamed of? Unfortunately the truth has gone largely unnoticed, while stereotypes reign.

    We are still treating Native Americans horibly. There seems to be no limit on greed or power. I also have felt largely powerless to make a difference. Most of the information I have found out there has been very biased and that the uninformed would have a difficult time forming a balanced opinion. Our schools' American history classes have holes, and I don't see that changing soon. Most textbooks come from Texas and have been well scrubbed.

    Thankyou for this diary reminding me of my roots, so to speak.

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