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View Diary: Apple launches iRomney (62 comments)

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  •  Not a big fan of their PCs, but I give them props (2+ / 0-)
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    sacrelicious, plok

    for a couple things....  Having one of the very few non-crappy touchpads on the market.  Pushing high-resolution displays.  Handling scaling well.  Getting suspend and boot times right - I very rarely bother to notice, or care, what happens to my work Mac laptop when I'm not using it (I'd go with Windows, but it wasn't an option - not that Microsoft is less sleazy than Apple.  I'm just spoiled by MSVC).  Also at a nice point on the battery life / weight / performance scale.

    That having been said, I'd never buy one myself.  Price is just too excessive for what you get (Admittedly, not being a fan of their OS also plays into this, as does not liking flimsy cases or the brushed aluminum look).

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