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  •  I say call their bluff (2+ / 0-)
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    flavor411, TacoPie

    I don't want to hear any more crying about how high the US corporate tax rate is.  EVER.

    For all it matters, the US corporate tax rate could be 100%.  Corporations DO NOT PAY the ACTUAL tax rate because they spend their money on lawyers who find ways AROUND THE TAX CODE, reducing billions in tax liability to NOTHING.

    And, if corporations are big enough, (Haliburton, IBM, etc) they have their OWN TAILOR MADE PROVISIONS IN THE US TAX CODE.

    RAISE corporate tax rates, CLOSE the loopholes, MAKE them pay it, PUNISH them for offshoring;  JAIL them for their CRIMES.

    THEN they can cry about their tax treatment.

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