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  •  Washington's Antitax Teahadist (8+ / 0-)

    KIRO: New Eyman initiative could make transportation projects grind to a halt

    Initiative promoter Tim Eyman is spoiling for another fight over a two-thirds majority for tax increases.


    The initiative says, “Any tax increase imposed by the legislature after January 1, 2013, is limited to one year.”  Lawmakers could get around the limit by referring the tax increase to the voters.

    For example, the legislature may pass a 10 percent gas tax increase.  Under Eyman’s initiative, the increase would not be permanent and would have to be voted on every year.


    Opponents said the initiative could make some of the state’s most important public projects, especially transportation improvements, grind to a halt.

     “"It would tie our hands, completely. It would make it impossible to bond,” said Rep.  Judy Clibborn of Mercer Island and chair of the House Transportation Committee.

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