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View Diary: Having it both ways: Tennessee Standardized Testing (55 comments)

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  •  TN is cursed with Kevin Huffman (8+ / 0-)

    as Commissioner of Education. He unilaterally punished Metro Nashville school children by withholding 1.6 million dollars for rejecting Great Hearts Charter School Application. His background is the TfA cult member &  ex husband of Michelle Rhee. He holds educators and colleges of education in complete contempt. His DoEd hired all TfAers who have NO idea how to teach let alone run a state school system.

    They send out ridiculous, arcane, formulas for calculating tests results, merit pay, hiring & firing decisions, student grades, school closures. etc. that have no valid connection to the resulting actions.  

    His latest teacher punishing scheme is to eliminate step raises for experience and no more extra pay for advanced degrees. TN base teacher salary is a little over 30,000/yr. Huffman is sooo 1%.

    When Huffman, who was sworn into office, he was the best-paid agency head making $200,000 per year, up $20,000, or 11 percent, from his predecessor. TN Gov. Haslam then echoed "In government we're never going to pay what they do in the private market," he said. "But if we're going to attract great people, we're going to have to at least make it comparable."

    Kiss TN public schools goodby. Thanks to Huffman, Arne & the tea party lege.

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