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View Diary: Kaitlyn Hunt rejects plea deal (321 comments)

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  •  Not legal but a misdemeanor only. (3+ / 0-)
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    poco, conservative dem, twigg

    The prosecutor is a fool for bringing felony charges.

    •  Legality depends upon state. (1+ / 0-)
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      In Tennessee, Kaitlyn actions are legal.

      >>> The prosecutor is a fool for bringing felony charges.

      The DA may be reaching for high hanging fruit initially. It's like in a civil settlement where the plaintiff asks for $1 million in damages, and the defendant only wants to pay $1,000. The initial offers are extreme, but they settle in the middle like $50,000 or something.

      There will be at least one month until trial assuming no delays. That's plenty of time for the DA to make another offer or for the judge or grand jury to make a different indictment.

    •  Which is why it should be contested (4+ / 0-)

      Kaitlyn is under no obligation to take the risk of contesting it. If she loses, she suffers the fate of Oscar Wilde. But if she wins, she helps bring down the heterosexist hegemony.

      She has chosen to do the courageous thing, even though it is more dangerous. I admire this young woman.

      •  For what? (3+ / 0-)

        Banging a 14 year old?

        •  That's what it would have been if *you* (0+ / 1-)
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          had been the 18 year old. It would have been rape -- because you can't empathize with what a girl feels.

        •  I admire her for not taking the plea bargain. (1+ / 0-)
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          The system is flawed and the only way to change it is if people like Kaitlyn take a courageous stand and get the public to see how screwed up the system is.

          I agree with you that 14-year-olds should not be having sex. But I don't feel that the law should use jail as the remedy when counseling is far more appropriate, saves taxpayers money, and gets young people the information that they need to avoid pregnancy, STD's, and the emotional costs of sex such as the effect on their reputations.

          •  If the law got involved at all, it have should put (2+ / 0-)
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            twigg, ZhenRen

            the entire family of the younger girl in counseling. If Katlyn committed acts of violence or coercion against the younger girl, a restraining order would be appropriate; the younger girl would have to want this.

            But it appears the younger girl resisted her parent's efforts to keep her from seeing Kaitlyn, and even ran away from her parents once to be with her. This suggests that all the coercion was coming from her parents, not from Kaitlyn.

            Sadly, the law does not protect LGBT kids against human rights abuses from their parents and school authorities; the law enables such abuse of LGBT kids. Changing this unjust status quo is a larger goal which Kaitlyns case might assist.

            I'm in complete agreement about the need for access to medical information and medical services -- including birth control and Plan B -- for young people. In this case there was no risk of pregancy, and little risk of STDs being transmitted. The greatest risk the two girls faced was that they were surrounded by wolves called "adults".

            Since the law has been so incompetent in dealing with this case, those responsible for the legal decision to prosecute should be removed from their jobs. Anonymous has pledged actions for that end.

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