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  •  I do believe (0+ / 0-)

    That Americans are prurient, puritanical, sex-obsessed nut-cases.  Ask someone not to play music so loudly that it makes my stomach churn three houses down the street, it's a violation of his god-given RIGHT to Pursuit Of Happiness (and early deafness).  Ask my next-door neighbor not to spread toxic chemicals on his lawn that poison my cats and make my tomatoes unsafe to eat, and it's a violation of his god-given RIGHT to have a perfectly untrammeled monoculture of one species of inedible grass growing throughout his entire half-acre (and half of mine).  But ask what I'm doing quietly in my private bedroom with the lights off and the shades pulled down and the door locked behind us?  THAT is a SERIOUS INTEREST OF THE STATE and must be PROSECUTED!

    Puritan claptrap.  Or as my British friend says, "We don't have religious nutters like you do.  We shipped them all off to the Colonies."

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