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  •  Samsung sucks too but I love my Panasonics?! (2+ / 0-)
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    arendt, The Marti

    In 2007, I spent $2,000.00 on a new Samsung LCD HDTV. After two years, it started to have issues with the screen going green and then just going blank. You have turn the unit off then on again to clear the problem. I contacted Samsung about the issue to no avail. I found out through other forums that my line of tee vees was having an HDMI "handoff issue" and Samsung was aware of it but never bothered to release a firmware update. I guess they were hoping people would just buy a new tee vee.

    On the other hand, based on advice from Conusmer Reports, I bought two Panasonic Blu Ray players in 2009 and they've had five firmware updates and not a single problem.

    In 2010, I put the Samsung in the bedroom, waiting for it to fail completley and replaced it with a Sony. Again, no problems whatsoever.

    Maybe you should try the Better Business Bureau?

    Good luck.

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