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  •  Warranties (and SSK here, speaking for K) (0+ / 0-)

    (love the NN, btw! Don't know what it means but it would sound great as "....Zhimbo... James Zhimbo...)

    We tried the warranty aspect back when the lamp blew after two years, but ha ha, 1) the warranty on their "lamp" was 90 days and 2) NINETY DAYS???? and 3) Panasonic's response to our umbrage at the incredible price of the TV vs. the lifetime of the "lamp": they told us to go suck a rock.

    So, after wandering around the I-net for a few hours, we found a place that sold off-brand lamps, but they also had very good reviews, and we bought one. Fantastically easy to install (I did it, so there's the proof that pudding needed) and it worked fine for 6 months, so we decided to buy two more in case the same thing happens

    (Forgot to say, the first lamp that blew? It BLEW!! KaBLAAAAM. It really sounded like a .45 went off in the room. The next 3 didn't utter one peepie peep: the screen just went black.)

    So, the second one lasted 6 months, and we bought two more, which was a good thing because the rest of the life of the second one was... 6 months. We put in the third lamp (remember, they were off brand, but weren't cheap: 50-60 bucks each, and considering there were those price fluctuations within the same company we were buying them from, that right there should have clued us in but, hey, we're idiots. The third lamp lasted... three months. The fourth? 3 weeks and 6 days.

    So... as for Panasonic not being given enough time to respond to our upset? We gave them four years. If you re-read the OP, you will see that we did call them and they told us to go suck a rock.

    They gave us no suggestions, no sympathy, no notice on paper in snail mail on ways to fix the problem, or why this particular TV was blowing lamps like Madonna and husbands.

    Ergo PANASONIC SUCKS. We stick by it.

    They simply didn't give a shit.

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