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View Diary: The CBO may be good at math but they are terrible at economics (18 comments)

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  •  When baking a cake... (6+ / 0-) is vital not to preheat the oven too high. If the cake calls for 400 degrees, it is best to heat the oven to room temperature or less, since it is utterly impossible for the cook to intervene and increase or decrease the temperature of the oven at any stage in the cooking process. The cook is simply a powerless bystander once the cake goes into the black-box implement of the oven. He or she can only stand there in mute horror as the cake burns. They must, necessarily, perish in the resulting fire, because the refused to bake the cake at a safe temperature.

    Who cares that such a cake is inedible and, possibly, ridden with salmonella? Everyone knows that fire is impossible to control, and thus we must put up with raw eggs and uncooked meat to avoid the inevitable conflagration.

    This sig is self-aware. It is not only aware that it is a sig, it is aware that it is aware that it is a sig. It is beyond meta. It is Om.

    by Freelance Escapologist on Sat May 25, 2013 at 07:47:37 AM PDT

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