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    Who benefits from this callousness? Someone is getting some "good" from this particular source of misery. The questions (not rhetorical) are Who, and What?
    This will be a little stream of consciousness but here goes.  From the standpoint of the European immigrants to this continent, for many years the poor had a frontier & were encouraged to go west, to be "independent" and self sufficient.  In the dust bowl days, this meant that many lived literally in holes in the ground.  This spirit became part of the American identity (& one could argue, is a stronger force in states like Nevada & Arizona now than elsewhere in the country).  OK, so that provides some context.

    Some people see the goods in economies as fixed and static.  There is only so much pie, so if one person has a piece, it's at the expense of everyone else who wants one.  (Thus the idiotic calls for a return to the gold standard).  People will hang onto this incorrect idea even when faced with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.  For instance, if you take out a credit line with Visa, new money is created.  That $6,000 or some such is just, voila!, there.  The 6" pie is now a 12" pie.  IMO that's a difficult concept to grasp for some & so the one size pie model prevails.

    With health care, a similar mindset holds sway.  If a poor person is able to obtain affordable healthcare services, some will say that that's at someone else's (their) expense.  A progressive view is that if everyone is healthy, we all benefit in that fewer resources are expended on ER visits & businesses do better because employees have fewer sick days from work.  IMO that "independent" undercurrent & the inability to grasp the benefits to us all are the source of the callousness.  

    Personally & I know I am not alone in this, even if I could see no discernible benefit to myself, I would be happy for others to have affordable healthcare.  Sorry, Nietzsche (ref Genealogy of Morals).

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      I can agree, in principle, with your observations, however experience demonstrates that nothing happens, or doesn't happen, for nothing. Events do not "just occur,' people make decisions, people act. Action is motivated, and therefore, purposeful.

      When those who have power to effect many others act to their harm, they do so on purpose. What is not clear is the intended benficiaries of these actions, and what goals those who benefit are trying to achieve.

      Political figures are acting on someone's behalf, and the wishes and goals of those represented by politicians are not always clearly visible.

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