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View Diary: An investigation into the intelligence, or lack thereof, of Bobby Jindal, Rhodes Scholar (14 comments)

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  •  rec'd for carbon unit (3+ / 0-)
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    Tinfoil Hat, pvasileff, thomask

    'Bobby' wouldn't survive an encounter with Nomad of TOS, a predecessor of the Ilia probe.

    (Nomad) I am perfect.
    I am Nomad.
    Relate your point of origin.
    Non sequitor.
    Your facts are uncoordinated.
    You are in error.
    You are a biological unit.
    You are imperfect.
    A mass of conflicting impulses.
    This is one of your units Creator?
    (Kirk) Yes.
    (Nomad) It functions irrationally.
    That unit is defective.
    It's thinking is chaotic.
    Absorbing it unsettled me.
    Your biological units are inefficient.
    A defective biological unit. Pretty much sums 'Bobby' up for me.

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