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  •  There is Buddhist terrorism, Christian terrorism (0+ / 0-)

    Hindu terrorism, Jewish terrorism, lots of right-wing terror groups (though your post was about Christian-inspired rightwing terrorism in the US, not rightwing terrorism in general, so I suppose then we should also give a nod to leftwing terror groups, anarchists, eco-terrorists, royalists, et al.)   I certainly wouldn't dispute that nearly all religions can have a violent component, that there are terrorists and violent loonies in just about every religios group.  Never did.  (I have no idea what "ridiculous contortions of logic" I made that you refer to.  It would probably be simpler for you to look up the word "logic" in a good dictionary than to have me explain it to you.  There was no logic used, or intended, or needed, in my comment. )

    At any rate, if you do the body count in almost any country over the past 15 years or so, the Muslim terrorists have racked up the highest score, and it's particularly loathsome that they seem to be the most willing to murder random civilians in their cause.

    To get back to the point you actually made, that the risk of terror from Christian right groups and Islamicists is equivalent.  First, look at some numbers: there are well over 200 million Christians in the U.S.  There are six million Muslims.  Any comparison should make note of  that 40-fold difference in population.

    But really, you don't need to go through any difficult calculations, whether it's the body count here or abroad in the past 10-20 years.  For religion-based terrorism, there really is no equivalent in magnitude or geographic dispersion to Islamicist-motivated violent terrorism.

    I certainly applaud your efforts to illuminate the threat and horrors of all religion-based terror, as a fellow atheist and human.  

    •  I'm going to be skeptical..... (1+ / 0-)
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      .....and call Bullshit.  

       if you do the body count in almost any country over the past 15 years or so, the Muslim terrorists have racked up the highest score, and it's particularly loathsome that they seem to be the most willing to murder random civilians in their cause.
      Breivik Geofarm Bullshit.

      Your desire need to cherry pick a 15-year timeline piles the bullshit even deeper. It also reveals your ignorance of the topic. Islamic Fundamentalism started its war against the West in 1979.

      I also call Bullshit on your "random civilians" qualifier. Random civilians aren't any deader and their families aren't less traumatized, than non-random civilian victims.

      Your specifications and qualifications about what is (and is not) evidence of terrorism indicates that you have embraced the conventional narrative about Jihadi terror. Your continued and active denial/dismissal of any evidence that doesn't fit your preconceived notions is very amusing, because it is the antithesis of Skepticism.

      In the Fox News Christian Nation, public schools won't teach sex education and evolution; instead they'll have an NRA sponsored Shots for Tots: Gunz in Schoolz program.

      by xynz on Wed May 29, 2013 at 12:46:07 AM PDT

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      •  OK, you're skeptical. Great. Then refute it. (0+ / 0-)

        Where do you want to start?  The U.S.?  India? Spain?  The UK?  Indonesia?  Latvia? Mali?  Pakistan?  Thailand? Nigeria?  Denmark?  Iraq?  The Philippines?  Russia?  Panama?  Germany? China? The Netherlands? Kenya?  France? Argentina?  Italy?  Burma?  Norway?  Eritrea?  Malaysia?  Belgium?  Tanzania?  You can count Ireland if you want, though that was really a nationalist struggle, and it's been over for quite a while now.  Honestly though I am having a little trouble thinking of many countries beyond the ones I named, and of course most other countries in the Middle East, South-Central Asia, and North Africa, that have had much religious-based terrorism.   You will find that with only a few exceptions islamicist terror has been the worst.

        I wouldn't call using recent history "cherrypicking."  It's actually the world we are living in, as opposed to, say, the times of the Crusades, or the Inquisition, which often get trotted out as appropriate comparisons.  So you think we should go back 34 years? Well, that too is a bit long.  Obviously the frequency and spread of Islamist terrorism has increased substantially since then, so data from 30 years ago is not nearly as relevant now.   But I doubt the overall findings would change much if you picked a 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 34-year period for comparison.  

        As far as your feeling that there really is no difference in whether terrorists target random civilians, I am certain you will find yourself in a tiny minority in that view.  Except, perhaps, in the ranks of Islamic terrorists.

        Really, to deny the numbers is just silly.

        Oh, you implied that the mass murderer of children (though I suppose that fact doesn't espcially bother you) Anders Breivik and I are reading from the same playbook.  For that may I suggest you stick a cannister of C-4 way up your ass.

        •  Latvia? Belgium? (0+ / 0-)

          The thing about many of the conflicts involving Muslims in various countries is that many of them (most?) have little to do with religious issues.  You mentioned Ireland as a largely nationalist struggle, which I would agree with; however, this would also be the case for various other conflicts involving Muslims in other countries.  For example, Thailand, where the four southernmost Thai states are heavily (if not majority) Malays, who used to be their own sultanate in the past, and have created their own nationalist insurgency against the Thai government.

          I'm not saying there aren't religiously-driven conflicts among Muslims, but that a lot of these conflicts are driven by other, secular problems that have nothing to do with Islam.  The problem I have found over the years is that many non-Muslim westerners fail to understand that, thinking that if a conflict involves Muslims, Islam must be the root cause, when that is not the case.

          Muslims and tigers and bears, oh my!

          by JDsg on Wed May 29, 2013 at 11:12:01 PM PDT

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