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  •  Beautiful day here in Mississippi ... (9+ / 0-)

    but definitely warm, so it's cold salad season. Made my simple roasted chicken salad:

    Roast chicken:
    Chicken breasts and ribs (with skin or without)
    Ancho chili powder (others as you like)
    Garlic powder
    Salt and pepper
    Olive or vegetable oil

    Make a fluid paste of all the powders and the salt and pepper. I am VERY liberal with this, dumping each piece of chicken in the mixture until it's basically deep red from the ancho. Roast at 450 degrees until 165 degrees internal temp (20-25 minutes). If you roasted chicken with skin, I will pull that off of the meat and continue to bake in a cooler 375 degree oven until the skin is completely rendered and crispy. Chop up to put in the salad (this is killer chicken flavor when you do it.)

    Salad (very basic---mess around with amounts as you like):
    Diced onion, red or white (vidalia is PRIMO when they are in season)
    Diced celery (always add the leaves when you can)
    Minced Italian parsley (basil is also good)
    Diced green onions and leaves
    Toasted slivered almonds
    Zest and juice of at least one lemon
    White wine vinegar (splash or two)
    Mayonnaise (enough to bring together)

    Shread chicken by hand when cool. Add all ingredients and then enough mayo to bring the salad together. If you've done the rendered chicken skin, you're going to think you've died and gone to heaven ...

    The salad tastes really great fresh, but it also keeps and gets a melded flavor for lunches for the first part of the week.

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