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    One important additional point: Many of the original copies of the series were destroyed. As a result, some of what we see is from copies made for other countries or recorded by private individuals. I think this is important because it's possible someone reading this will find a copy of an episode and be able to contribute it back.

    And some of the episodes I've seen recently are far higher quality than the first time I saw them. Originally, I might see an episode broadcast to a tiny, B&W TV set, badly translated from PAL. Now, it could be remastered from film on HD and delivered digitally over cable or satellite. Details that were murky or indistinguishable in the original broadcast are lively and much easier to understand now.

    The other important thing about the series isn't so much a fact about the series as it is a fact of life. Often The Doctor drops into some situation in which an individual or the local government has a distinctly dictatorial quality. They may be spying on everyone or torturing people. In a recent episode I watched The Doctor was being chased around by a drone. Generally, the perpetrator meets with a bad, but just end. Maybe that ought to be a lesson for the people defending the NSA.

    I often wonder if the people like Dick Cheney think of themselves as being just like Davros, only with a little better luck. Given the opportunity to perpetrate great evil, do they think, "Yes! Yes, I would do it!"

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