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  •  Here's both (15+ / 0-)

    1st rebuttal:
    America isn't Falling Apart. It's Being Reborn.

    Rebuttal to Rebuttal:
    Reborn? More Like Invasion of the Country Snatchers

    Though I thought MC did a good job writing his diary, . My sympathies lie with the third diary which I think paints the harsher but more real picture

    (I haven't read the Stetson diary (original))

    Don't trust anyone over 84414

    by BentLiberal on Mon May 27, 2013 at 05:56:30 PM PDT

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      YucatanMan, Simplify

      Makes my head reel.

      I think the comment about perception being an important determinant of your disposition, which then infects your reason and judgement, was spot on.

      I've had a real eye-opening education tonight.

      As I was reading one of them (I had read the original, the article with the collapsed bridge; I thought it was alarmist, but not unreasonably so), I thought of our DK charter - "to elect Democrats"*.  It seemed like a cheap and tawdry rip-off of what we, as humans and citizens, are really here for.  Essentially a Capitalist approach to Democracy, so yes, we can claim the banner of "Progressives", but not all of us, because the only banner we rally under is the aforementioned.  And the frustrations that follow the compromising of our selves to "be" a community, which I suppose engenders more of a hive-mind mentality, simmer.

      *-  To be sure, the spirit of DK is much more than this, the "letter of the law vs the spirit of the law", so to speak.  DKos is forever struggling with identities, both singularly and collectively.

    •  Re: the third diary and its conspiratorial bent... (0+ / 0-)

      There's an interesting Marxist view of conspiracies and Late Stage Capitalism linked on Naked Capitalism today:

      "I Want to Believe"

      A teaser:

      Tempting though it may be to dismiss outright, the modern conspiracy theory moves beyond the illusions of liberal democracy, and in its broad strokes can be more sophisticated than the theology of “progress” through the free market, democratic elections, and the litigious acquisition of rights. Discounting these as fetish concepts prefigured by forces which set their activities within parameters acceptable to an overarching global order, the average viewer of Ancient Aliens may be in a better position to understand capital than an Obamaniac with a PhD in Political Science. Accordingly, it is tempting to imagine these conspiracy theories, which often attract young, energetic, subversive minds, as a short-lived stepping stone between the dead forms of the past and the class consciousness of the future. Indeed, the conspiracy theory might just be a final moment of theology among a class becoming aware of itself and its historic power. In the very least, to evoke a favorite argument of conspiracy theorists, this claim cannot be proven untrue.
      That piece makes a nice complement to Cass's fine dairy.

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