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  •  Professional Cla$$ disdain towards the mechanics (11+ / 0-)

    of making shit work means they don't know how to make shit work -

    as someone who spent his teen years in the 70's on welfare, who has a mountain of student loans, who has been on unemployment and its random benefit calendar, who has been on retraining, who has been on 17 different health plans, who has moved over 15 times and spent my last dime to move and who would have been living under a blue tarp if ANYTHING went wrong -

    Progs can't make messaging that works to defeat the f'king liars of Prop 13 or Ronnie Raygun, even though Raygun and his spawn have been shit for the bottom 80%++ of us.

    Progs can't make grassroots politics which endures 24 hours after the election.

    They DO make work getting fancy degrees, getting fancy titled jobs, getting fancy paychecks - whether they're the diaper wetting political pathetics getting their asses kicked by the spawn of Raygun, OR, the yuppie scum sell outs who we're all supposed to celebrate cuz the yuppie scum aren't racist, sexist, drooling flat earthers.

    I think it was a lot easier 100 and 80 and 120 years ago - the work of the industrial era and the output of the industrial era and the grinding poverty were all front and center - and 10 or 15 or 25% of the population, unemployed, living in the local parks, starving - well, they were right there.

    Bureaucratic systems are a lot harder to fix.

    I want EVERY clause of EVERY law and EVERY regulation hyper linked to ALL the people who wrote it, with the home address of the fuckers.

    I want it figured out to the penny how much that law or regulation costs me -

    I want it rubbed in the faces of the stoooopid fucks that when you don't pay for parks, libraries, roads, schools, health care - you end up living in a place where you wouldn't send your teenage daughters out without armed guards. WHICH do you want to pay for?

    I want messaging that reminds people that 99% of the 1% did NOT invent google or penicillin, and most of those who didn't inherit their wealth, excel at back stabbing and ass kissing. WTF does any of that have to do with merit?

    Oh yeah - I'm also fed up with Pie-In-The-Sky isms which rely on people being NOT selfish fucks for the ism to work.

    Capitalism is as rotten as humans are - capitalism is like coke, or pot, or booze, or guns, or gambling, or online porn - it is the warped shit that people do that is the problem.

    I actually voted FOR Dud-crap-kis and Gore and Kerry and Clinton ... cuz I thought that maybe they'd use that right wing language to make shit work and stuff the lies of the right wingers back into the dark holes those lies come from.

    ha ha ha.

    "Progressives", to me, are a bunch who are overly educated, overly analytic political diaper pissers who ONLY excel at keeping their jobs - and who couldn't make a f'king hot dog run right. They didn't break up  any modern trusts, they didn't stop and modern J.P. Morgan or John D. or the Waltons or Bill Gates -



    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous

    by seabos84 on Mon May 27, 2013 at 06:09:08 PM PDT

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