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  •  Al Gore wasn't, and isn't, anything but a neolib. (12+ / 0-)
    We wouldn't have had 2 unfunded wars; we might not have had 9/11 and thus the "war on terror" and thus a lot of the civil liberties problems you mentioned; we might not have had the banking collapse; we might be closer to doing something about climate change, etc etc.
    These are the progressive disciplinary talking points, meant to discourage the faithful from deviating from the Right And True Path of Always Voting For The Neoliberal Democrat.  It's all based on a set of unprovable "what if" hypotheses.  There was a mandate to overthrow Saddam Hussein throughout Clinton's administration (as Scott Ritter never tires of pointing out), and Clinton signed Gramm-Leach-Billey, the ultimate cause of the financial crisis of '08-09.  That Robert Pollin book "The Contours of Descent" is good for you.  And, as Joel Kovel points out in his book "The Enemy of Nature," Gore was the biggest anti-environmentalist in the Clinton administration.  His "faith" in global warming (or, rather, in global warming as a sales pitch) is connected to his visions of retirement, not of public service.

    Ultimately, I believe, I must have missed the election which selected our Supreme Court members back before 2000.  I'm such an apathetic voter.  Will you ever forgive me?

    It's been 4 years and you're ready to concede defeat, give up and I suppose start over again.
    I think the author of this statement doesn't have me in mind as the intended audience.  Since I'm not a progressive, I haven't conceded defeat.  Maybe someone who self-identifies as a progressive would like to take up this one?

    "The problem with the Left isn’t that it’s too austere and serious; it’s that it doesn’t take itself seriously enough to make the changes necessary for political practice." -Bhaskar Sunkara

    by Cassiodorus on Mon May 27, 2013 at 07:42:51 PM PDT

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