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    Buckeye Nut Schell, dkmich

    are the absolutes - the ends of the continuum.  We shouldn't  focus solely on them as the only alternatives or need to stay in either place for the long-term.  Moving how your message is delivered, across the continuum - every once in awhile is a good thing - it wakes people up.  You can do that without resorting to deceit or fear mongering - like the other side likes to use.

    Just like any introvert will tell you - once in awhile (for some once every ten years) they have choose to be an extrovert (even if it's for only 2 minutes hailing a cab)  - cause life doesn't allow us to live solely on the ends of the continuum.

    I'd just like to see some movement along the continuum - using the full range of resources that are available to us for our messaging.  I'd like to see some balance.

    I appreciate your comment it - it made me stop and think.  Thank you.

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