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View Diary: Why the Right Continue to Live in Mortal Fear (191 comments)

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    If I accepted the precepts of southern racism, I wouldn't have divorced my ex for his increasing activities with the National Alliance (which no, he didn't join until we'd been married for seven years).  And I'd be hanging out on Red State or Town Hall instead of DKos.  I'm mentioning these things because I get the impression that many people here simply don't understand the depth or the logic of the emotions they're confronting.  They keep complaining that the profound emotional logic of fear and self-preservation is "irrational".  But historical experience is the essence of rationality.  America's race problem exists because there are good, RATIONAL reasons, based on experience, for members of each race to fear physical violence from the other.  And rational fears of violence lead to pre-emptive self-defense.

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