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    My nearly 83-year old father has dementia, apparently caused by his adverse reactions to the narcotics used during his knee replacement surgeries a couple of years ago, and each day he slips just a little more away.  This year, for the first time, he could not remember my baby sister's birthday.  At its worst, he forgets that my mother is dead and asks after her.  Daddy lives with us, so there really is no end to the stress of caring for his needs (we get the occasional snits, regular accusations of "changing his medications"--he has horrid diabetic neuropathy, but the most effective drugs have caused such psychiatric problems that he can't use them--or taking things out of his room (he hides them, forgets it, and then all bets are off), and it is a fight to even get him out of his room and 24-7 television and reading the newspaper.  His days and nights get mixed up, we've had 2 events where he almost set the house on fire trying to fix his breakfast then forgetting he was cooking, the list goes on and on and on.

    I miss the man my daddy was, and try not to be bitter, angry and frustrated by who he is slowly become.  I love him so.  Since we've had a couple of rough days, this diary is something I needed very much.  Thank you for it.

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