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  •  It is disgusting. (4+ / 0-)

    Back in December I called Publishers Clearing and asked that my mom be removed from their mailing list. They agreed and even gave me a confirmation number. While visiting in April I took a phone call and it was Publishers Clearing calling to verify renewal of subscriptions to magazines. I told the lady on the phone to remove my mom from the list and cancel the subscriptions - she hung up on me.

    Where in the hell are our politicians in protecting the elderly from scammers? It should be against the law to target the helpless. My dad was a victim of the scam where someone calls pretending to be the "grandson" in jail somewhere and please bail me out. My dad took the call went right down to Wal-Mart and wired the money without asking anyone (my sister) or inquiring about it. Sometime later he talked with my nephew on the phone and asked if he made it alright out of Canada and of course my nephew told him "I did not go to Canada grandpa". Right then he knew he had been scammed out of $3500.

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