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    •  It Is Hard To Say. We've Been Told (11+ / 0-)

      she was doing better and it got worse so many times I don't listen to much of what they say at this point. I hate to say this, but it is accurate. Have you ever seen the TV show House?

      They run some tests and think they know what is wrong. They then start a course of treatment, but things get worse. They run more tests and say, "oh nope, it is this instead." They start to treat the second thing, and she gets more sick. Repeat.

      This has happened 5 times now. Five fucking times!!!!!!!!

      Problem now is she has had SIX doctors review her case. Now my brother, dad, and myself like to think we are pretty smart. We're not going to WebMD and acting like doctors, but we quiz each doctor and pay attention.

      And honestly I don't think they have a clue.

      I almost lost it today when the sixth different doctor came in (the others are now on vacation BTW) and started to ask us some basic questions.

      I was like WTF dude. Didn't you read her charts before you came to talk to us? Talk to the nurses, which TOTALLY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, cause I don't think you did and that fucking pisses me off.

      Just one question, was my mom on any heart medication (no she isn't -- never has been)? Well she has been in the ICU now for 9 days, same hospital, same room, same nurses and it seems they might not need to ask this question at this point.


      •  Hope they figure it out (11+ / 0-)

        soon. I am pleased that the nurses are coming through for your family and especially for your mom. I am partial to nurses. ;-)

        The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.― Neil deGrasse Tyson

        by maggiejean on Mon May 27, 2013 at 09:22:58 PM PDT

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        •  The Nurses Rock! (7+ / 0-)

          The doctors, not so much. My brother and I are freaking out, cause my mother never goes to a doctor. Might have been like 12+ years since she went. Other then being very overweight, she is as healthy as anybody I know. Doesn't take a single medication. Is active 24/7. Can't sit still for a second.

          We pushed her to go to a doctor for a full check-up about a month ago.

          They found a small growth in her colon. Got it out. Not cancerous. She was out of the hospital in 2.5 days. Was home and fine.

          Went in for a two week check-up, fine across the board.

          That night my father found her passed out on the bathroom floor in a puddle of vomit, mostly blood. She could hardly breath. He called 911.

          That was ten days ago. She is across the state from me. I've gone to see her three times. Each time I see her, well she is getting worse and worse, until now she is on a ventilator.

          They took out 5 feet of her small intestine.

          Today they went back in through her anus to try to stop the bleeding, not conduct surgery. They were like we were successful. But I've heard that before.

          They said they didn't want to operate on her a third time.

          I was like, I get the dangers of that. But go in one last time and FIX THE SHIT. These half measure don't work for me. If you NOW know what the problem is fix it. Don't do half ass shit and hope.

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