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  •  The militarists who foster wars in this country (1+ / 0-)
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    had a comeuppance in the Vietnamese War. The old men who direct young men to die through the draft were confounded when the young men refused to lay down their lives.

    These young men refused to sacrifice themselves to the militarists who pushed them into wars that had little to do with our national defense or security. This country, that at its base was a rejection of another country's interference with our lives, refused to give that same right of refusal  to other countries. That refusal, notably in Korea and Vietnam, cost thousands if young American lives.

    No fools, young Americans burned their draft cards and refused to fight the wars of old men. Their clear statement was that you can't draft us, you will have to rely on a volunteer army to fight your wars.

    Their point was made: the draft was ended. Unless or until there is a truly righteous war (wars with China or North Korea do not qualify) militarists and war profiteers will have to curb the dogs of war.

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