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  •  They've Already Privatized More Than (4+ / 0-)

    you posted about; not just non-military jobs either.

    If the Republicans had their way, they would privatize all of the non-military, non-police, and non-intelligence agencies and farm that work out to private corporations, which would ultimately become even more expensive to the American people and most likely run even less efficiently than our current agencies.  
    Vital military and intelligence functions (and many more) have already been privatized - with the predictable results of higher costs, less/no accountability, and wider, unsupervised dissemination of private and classified information.

    Intelligence Contracting Widens

    Blackwater Snipers In Iraq

    Politicians concerned about public expenditures would never have signed off - even on the non-military privatization schemes. Under the old system, soldiers who served as cooks, mechanics, and drivers, etc. were dual, even triple-purpose workers. They were cooks, soldiers, and trainers/managers - all for one salary.

    Under these privatization rip-offs, the U.S. taxpayers shell out top dollar (federal wage scales) for work such as cook/food service to contractors who avoid accountability and maximize their profits by subcontracting for the lowest wage workers available (H1-B visa workers, illegals, prison labor) and pocketing the difference. While paying the private cons, the taxpayers still has to pay the servicemembers who used to do the privatized work better and cheaper.

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