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View Diary: "In Defense of Deficits" by the great James Galbraith (19 comments)

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  •  Extremely helpful quote (3+ / 0-)
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    ozsea1, Eric Nelson, psyched

    Also, quick, concise formulation of your rule of thumb near the end. I wind up in these oh-but-we-must-get-rid-of-the-deficit conversations frequently.
    hannah's right about how one exposure doesn't help much, but if we keep saying these things over and over in however many understandable ways we can, it does eventually make a difference with some people.
    My experience is that it works better not to act like you've said it before, and not to present it like it's a lesson. I have the best success when I act like it's common knowledge that everybody knows and no big deal. I think a lot of people close their minds and get more stubborn when they get the sense that it might be a contest of who's right.
    I'm hotlisting this so I can easily get to the quote and your statement of the rule whenever I need it. Thanks.

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