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    but from my point of view Jesus is on the whole not a moral character at all, nor does his teachings present an ideal to be striven for. Jesus taught about Eternal Judgement, not a concept I find moral at all. Furthermore, he never once spoke about the Scientific Method or the importance of Rational Skepticism, both things which I believe are fundamental.

    I only mention this because a lot of the ideals upon which this country was founded on, even the pretty whitewashed "supposed" ideals, aren't good either. "Rugged individualism" for example is quite a caustic ideal.

    I have a big problem with being "patriotic" because for any country, there is no way to do so while avoiding advocating immoral things without cherry-picking. So why not just be done with it and honor good things because they are good, without needing them to come from your own country?

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