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  •  We've certainly had our share (13+ / 0-)

    of quirky pets (too many kinds to list) over the 44 years of hub and my life together, including a giant mutant mountain poodle (Imperial black) who always knew when daughter was going to have a seizure from epilepsy she developed after a severe electrical shock. She got to trust him when he kept her away from the stairs or insisted she get down on the floor with him, where he'd snuggle close during the seizure so she wouldn't hurt herself.

    The only time I've ever seen a dog react as though there's an actual demon present we were at a friend's apartment for a get-together. Max was her black lab, a friendly great dufus of a good dog who could 'talk' and insisted on being part of every lively conversation. She'd invited a guy she'd met at the local health food/herb store, who showed up late. As soon as she opened the door and he'd crossed the threshold so she could introduce him to everyone, Max freaked out big time.

    I'd never seen a dog do that. He was completely terrified, seemingly in fear for his life. He scrunched his big self all the way under the chair I was sitting in, whimpering and giving off an odor of death - a way to 'fool' whatever predator was after him into thinking he was already dead. When we tried to reassure him he just howled in abject terror, eyes wide. Hub and I quickly gathered the kids and headed home. Where the kids (who were 5 and 6 at the time) told us quite matter-of-factly that the visitor wasn't human. We figured Max was trying to tell us all the same thing.

    How woo-woo is that!? Never saw that guy again, but I've always kind of wondered. 5-year old son had quite the woo in his nature, family in-joke has long been his own explanation of that - "I'm a psycho. We know these things." He died young, but we still smile about that. And yeah, he knew he'd die young too...

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