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View Diary: Rachel Carson: Is The World Heeding Silent Spring's Warning? (13 comments)

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  •  If you had actually read her book, (1+ / 0-)
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    The Marti

    the DDT,  Dieldrin, Alderin and other chemicals sprayed on entire communities and large swaths of land, were so concentrated and blowing in the wind onto everything, that people awoke to find all their squirrels, rabbits, birds, and cats and dogs, and even dairy cows, sickened and dying or dead.

    That's not a mosquito eradication plan, that's an idjet with a plane and buckets of poison spraying everything that moves.

    When the choices people have are:

    Die from Malaria
    Die from Bioaccumulation of poisons
    Die from Cancer or Diabeties due to Bioaccumulation of Poisons.

    Die from Parkinsons, due to bioaccumulation of Cancer

    Watch your grandaughters become sterile and suffer PCOS for the next three generations,

    then one has to ask--Was it worth it?

    Maybe we should have looked for alternatives that were less toxic.

    Of course we have found some that appear to be. Neonicotinoids only fry the thyroid in mammals, while killing every kind of pollinator and when used to treat for mosquito larva in bodies of water, kills water borne invertebrates, which includes Crayfish, water fleas, May flies, crane flies, Dragon Flies and Damsel flies, spiders, and small fish.

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