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View Diary: Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, ICUs: We Can Do Better (15 comments)

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  •  I am so sorry this has happened to your mother. (9+ / 0-)

    My healthy mother had something similar happen.  She went into the hospital for a short day surgery.  Because of lack of care, and medical professionals who didn't seem to notice when things went south she ended up on the respiratory and dialysis for 3-4 months.  She was in the ICU for 5 weeks and then had to go to a rehab hospital for 4 more months.  She was finally released and went home where she died 2 months later.  It was heart wrenching and am so glad your mother is doing better.  This happened in the ICU at one of the biggest hospitals in Kansas.  As it happens Kansas has some archaic malpractice laws that make it impossible to hold anybody accountable.  There is a 250,000.00 limit so lawyers don't want anything to do with suing doctors.  I have my case now before the Board of Healing Arts and they seem to be taking it very seriously.  The mistakes just compounded, one upon the other.  It is truly a horror story and I have thought often of writing a book about it.  My one piece of advice to you is listen to your gut instincts, and shout loudly and repetitively until someone will listen.  You are her advocate and probably her only one.  I wish you all the best!

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