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  •  I don't recall the exact moment (15+ / 0-)

    But I was a lurker for at least several months before I joined, about seven years or so. I don't even remember what precisely it was that impelled me to create a UID; probably something to do with LGBT rights, but I can't guarantee that.

    I found Daily Kos through a site a friend of mine moderated (it's since defunct) called  I didn't necessarily agree with everything there; the site was left-libertarian, which meant it attracted some right-wing libertarians too and I'm certainly not one of those. It was stridently anti-religion and while I am very much a rationalist, for that reason alone I tend not to be stridently anti-anything, it was mostly pro-gay and I'm gay, and so is my friend who moderated, but some of the people there were less than enlightened. Come to think of it, in 2006 one could have said the same thing about Daily Kos. Anyway my friend began moving away with his involvement with and the people I disagreed with seemed to become more prominent there, so I stopped feeling as much at home. Simultaneously I began to feel more comfy in these parts. So I stuck around and became sfbob on 7/22/06.

    My first comment was posted on 7/31/06 in a diary marking the death of Murray Bookchin, who I'd read some of in college. I said very little early on; over the first two months I posted a whole 17 comments. It took me a while to get brave enough to post an actual diary, which I did on World AIDS Day that year (and every World AIDS Day since then; it became a tradition).

    I don't think I really felt at home here until I began to recognize other members from their comments, but what really sealed the deal was becoming a regular reader of C&J. This will mark me no doubt as a lightweight and I don't have a problem with that. I don't really like arguing all that much. I will say that I do it far better--at least on a screen, perhaps less so in real life--than I did seven years ago, which is all to the good. Overall I prefer to be congenial. I did get worked up over people here who seemed less than enthusiastic about LGBT rights (and in particular marriage equality). It seems a bit quaint that there were serious debates on the issue back then. But there were. Ah...memories.

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