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View Diary: * New Day * — How did YOU end up on DKOS? (337 comments)

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  •  I discovered DKOS in October 2011 (18+ / 0-)

    quite by accident. I was looking for a blog that reflected my newly emerging progressive bent. It was likely the result of some random internet search. Before I found DKOS, I spent most of my internet time on PZ Myers' blog, Pharyngula, now located on Freethought blogs. But on that blog, although it was generally progressive, the focus was atheism Vs religion. Politics was a secondary consideration.

    When I found the GOS, I realized that it was not the usual ramblings of various unconnected politically oriented folks. It had structure, focus, and a mission. Moreover, the folks who were members were encouraged -- even expected -- to contribute to the conversation.

    I will spare you my oft-repeated story of my reunion with my two sisters. One thing that has happened since October 2011 is that my views have undergone -- and continue to undergo -- a remarkable transformation. You guys have changed my opinions on so many things in the last year and a half.

    The pity is that it took me so long. Too soon old; too late smart.

    Note to Boehner and McConnell: "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." --Bob Dylan-- (-7.25, -6.21)

    by Tim DeLaney on Sat Jun 29, 2013 at 09:06:38 AM PDT

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