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View Diary: Severe Weather Outbreak From TX to NE, Significant Tornadoes Possible (63 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the reminder, CN (5+ / 0-)

    A-a-a-nd, just for  more meteorological prognostication precision,

    the difference between "Scattered" and "Isolated" rain or thunderstorms:


    What's the difference between  scattered and isolated showers?


    From a technical perspective--and in "weather talk"--isolated and scattered showers do indeed have different meanings.

    The term "isolated" refers to showers that are few and far between, and the National Weather Service (NWS) defines "isolated" as displaying between 10% to 20% coverage.  In other words, when the forecast calls for "isolated" showers, only 10% to 20% of the forecast area will receive measurable rainfall within the forecast period -- most neighborhoods stay dry.

    "Scattered" refers to the range of 30% to 50% coverage.  So, even with "scattered" showers, half or less of the neighborhoods are expected to "get wet."

    From our neighbors in Baton Rouge:

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    by tom 47 on Wed May 29, 2013 at 12:50:32 PM PDT

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