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View Diary: Privileged reality of liberal Fox defenders (106 comments)

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  •  And what is that context? (0+ / 0-)

    That criticism of the attorney general wrt to the lengths his dept. will go to to seal leaks harmful to the administration reveals the 'privileged' platform on which his liberal critics are perched?

    And that must be why "liberals" who have hardly noticed Eric Holder's heroic efforts to bring back the Department of Justice's civil rights enforcement from the grave where Bush buried it are so vigorously defending the "right" of the Republican Party, I mean, Fox News, to solicit open violations of the Espionage Act and sabotage US intelligence operations.
    Are you arguing that privilege (what kind of privilege?  The kind of privilege that would blind people to his accomplishments in Civil Rights Law enforcement?) has contributed to an unfair criticism of the attorney general?  That the 'privileged' liberals who are vocal critics of the attorney general and the tactics he and his prosecutors have employed to prosecute leakers and spy on the press are blinded -- by their privilege -- to the great works he has done in rebuilding the civil rights division?  And these great works should exempt him from criticism related to his performance in other aspects of his job?

    Is that the context in which you employ the word 'privilege?'

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