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  •  I'm having trouble with your implication (4+ / 0-)
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    angry marmot, poco, SchuyH, JDsg

    that religion does not pertain to politics or culture.

    It's certainly as relevant as discussion of recipes or books, both of which I have seen here frequently.

    •  Religion does pertain to politics and culture (1+ / 0-)
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      But the intersection of these is not in the diary. It simply lists the practices of a particular faith.  A book about gardening or a recipe for chicken soup is nice, but why post it here?  The inclusion of a book on nuclear energy or a recipe for sustainable food makes sense in this forum, because it's connected to a meaningful social or political current. Would a diary detailing the Christian Eucharist ceremony or the proper way to wear Jewish Tifillin apart from their social significance be appropriate? What about the details on less popular religions like Scientology or Wicca?   If the diary simply lists the practices of a particular faith then what is there to discuss, other than to say 'nice job'? What kind of 'discussion' is it when those who disagree are told to go and write their own diary?

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