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  •  Please reread my comment and try again. (0+ / 0-)

    While nothing in your reply is false, it bears no connection to what I said.

    •  Comment reread (0+ / 0-)

      I suppose you were commenting on my statement that "any attempt to discuss and criticize those practices is labelled as bigotry". I'll give you the benefit of the doubt; the word 'bigotry' may not have been used anywhere in these threads. My apologies for implying that they were. I was (perhaps over-) reacting to the larger sphere of discourse where, as I noted in my prior reply, criticism of Islam is equated with Islamophobia (clearly, a form of bigotry).        

      •  I take that back (0+ / 0-)

        OK - I have read some of the other threads and, while I don't see the work 'bigot', I do see the word 'asshole' being used more than once. I am an atheist. When confronted with religious dogma, I feel compelled to challenge that dogma because I feel that it's dangerous to life and liberty on this planet. I place the burden on the proponents of that dogma to defend it's veracity and why the practice should continue (at least in its current form). I accept the criticism of those that tell me to 'lighten up',  that this is educational, that people are genuinely interested in religion and that DK is an appropriate place for a discussion of those practices. Fair enough. But there is a fair amount of hostility coming back. I guess the good news (for me) is that we live in a time and place where my comments won't get me killed (as long as I remain anonymous).

        •  I appreciate your position. (0+ / 0-)

          If it helps at all, as a religious person who is also a member of a minority religion, I am vehemently against the imposition of any religious dogma or practice on anyone who does not choose to accept it upon themselves.  I'm as invested as you are in making sure that people who don't buy into the majority dogma can be safe in their dissent.

          (I also think that in this thread in particular, you may have gotten some spillover hostility in reaction to another commenter, who has been expressing some of the same opinions in a considerably more trollish manner.  Sorry about that.)

      •  Actually, no (0+ / 0-)

        I was commenting on this:

        Discussions of Women's rights, gay rights and freedom of religion are not 'trivial'.
        I was not calling any of those things trivial, and neither was anybody else.

        I was pointing out that people in this thread have been making comments trivializing and mocking specific religious practices that have nothing to do with the above-mentioned things.

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