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View Diary: WATCH: The "Obama Pipeline"? (168 comments)

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  •  What? Because suggesting Obama can choose (6+ / 0-)

    whether or not to override public opinion is dividing us?? Well he can override and I sure as hell hope that he does. If that divides us, so be it.

    Obama has gone against the general sentiment before and, in some instances, been very courageous in doing so. I hope he does it again on this issue.

    I do hope we learn from Keystone but climate change deniers and the environmental-protection-is-bad-for-business crowd are winning hands down all across the country. The next Keystone?? Look around you at the fracking across the shale country. Look at the environmental destruction. What's going to be left to protect??

    I cannot stop this thing nor can you; Obama can. He has the power to stop this because of the international borders involved; we, whoever "we" is, do not. Without the border issue, this would be over and done, signed sealed and delivered to big energy.

    The president got the responsibility when he took the oath of office. It comes with the territory. Literally.

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