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View Diary: Surprise! CBO report shows 50% of government tax expenditures go to top 20% of earners (50 comments)

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  •  Of course, we have to confess that this sort... (0+ / 0-)

    ...of thing is very popular here.

    There is a car company owned by a billionaire that makes electric cars for, um, billionaires and millionaires.

    It's called the Tesla electric car.

    You can get lots of applause here, using servers that mostly run on coal, and (fracked) gas for an absurd claim that the manufacture of a few thousand of these toxic nightmares for, um, again, millionaires and billionaires is a real blow against climate change.

    If I recall correctly, there was endless cheering here for throwing government money to a billionaire so he could continue to make cars for, um, billionaires and millionaires, a few thousand of them, this on a planet with over a billion cars, and two billion people who have never seen, never mind operated, a flush toilet.

    Are we now claiming that subsidizing billionaires making products for millionaires and billionaires exclusively is, um, questionable?

    As for the effect of the grand success of the Tesla electric car company there's noise in a place called the "scientific literature" that, um, the scientific literature that, um, lithium batteries could, um, be bad for you:

    Environ. Sci. Technol., 2013, 47 (10), pp 5495–5503: Potential Environmental and Human Health Impacts of Rechargeable Lithium Batteries in Electronic Waste

    But we don't care, because, um the Tesla Car will save humanity, we, um, think.

    February 2013, March 2013 and, as now seems likely, May 2013 are each the worst months ever recorded at Mauna Loa when compared to the same year of the previous year for increases in dangerous fossil fuel waste in the planetary atmosphere.

    2012 was the second worst year ever recorded over all, after 1998, the year that Joe Romm, anti-nuke, was running the climate office.

    The year to date in 1998 showed an average increase (measured weekly) over 1997 of 2.30 ppm.

    The year to date in 2013 - same calculation - shows an increase of 2.74 ppm.

    I'm so glad we fought so hard for the Tesla cars, because, difficult to imagine, things could have been worse.

    By the way, in California, who gets the most tax breaks for installing solar cells - which the New York Times reported yesterday are failing at wholly unexpected rates and transforming into toxic electronic waste - billionaires and millionaires living in McMansions in gated communities or, um, farm workers picking artichokes and strawberries?

    It never ceases to amaze that the people who engineer these sorts of things complain the loudest about their results.

    Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.

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