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  •  I've had my suspicions (2+ / 0-)
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    Ojibwa, belinda ridgewood

    that I'm not the only orange critter in these parts. I don't have a huge need to pack my social calendar any fuller than it is and--- um, I do actually suffer from a bit of prejudice against the expat community here. Stupid of me, many of my best friends here aren't Czech. Why, some of my best friends are . Some of them even actively take part in the expat community.

    It's always kinda struck me as creepy. I came here to -- well, be with the person I wanted to marry-- but, also to learn her language and get to know her culture. And so much of that is far removed from the sort of life that the expats have made for themselves here. I dunno, I get bogged down in my own idiocy sometimes. It can be a bit awkward though to hang out with people who spend more to send one of their kids to special non-Czech schools than I earn. That's just an alien way of thinking to me. You're all living here, shouldn't you at least be learning Czech?

    Many thanks for your continued help with my journey through the land of swag. I thought about playing with transparency on that frumpy avian image so that the material it's printed on would show through in certain parts. I could have the sky (for instance) left blank so that it could be blue when printed on a blue shirt or sunny yellow when printed on yellow. I did use transparency on some of the other images I put up on that site. I'll be sure to get that kosmail to you as soon as I get the image prepared and set up for printing. I may just make a second, plain version where the background would just be printed with white ink on dark colors-- can't hurt to offer a bit of variety eh?

    Saving the elusive werelynx though swag.

    by Marko the Werelynx on Fri May 31, 2013 at 05:02:19 PM PDT

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