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    Marko the Werelynx

    Love the playful seriousness of the image.

    Inspiration is a funny thing, yes?. We all know it when we are experiencing it. We long for it when we don't feel it or can convince ourselves that our true desires must be at the mercy of this inconsistent source of energy.
    We often connect it to some success or some type of conclusion.
    I find myself these days flitting about where inspiration shows itself in the most uncommon ways....and that somehow appears to lend itself to opening doors.

    Wondering...did the cookie dough take inspiration to create? and is there any left?

    Wisconsin, reclaiming its State motto: Forward!

    by One bite at a time on Sat Jun 01, 2013 at 09:53:26 PM PDT

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      Oh, that was just an enthusiastic greeting. There's actually quite a lot of cookie dough left. It doesn't seem to matter what time I put up these Friday Coffee Hour diaries. It takes usually over an hour for the first comment to arrive. If my diaries lack instant rec list power I'm grateful that they at least draw a few "late" comments. I don't believe in late comments. You may not be able to rate a comment after 24 hours (tip jars last a week) but you can post a reply to a comment for 10 days. Nobody in this frantic hamster ball seems to take advantage of that. With my out-of-stateside-sync life I'm rarely around for a chat. And then, my responses are on a bit of a delay. I'm so glad to see you! Thanks for coming over! I'll put a fresh pot on ...

      Have a cookie.

      The recipe for the cookie dough is pretty standard Toll House chocolate chip but I did sneak in a bit of cardamon because I've been trying that spice in everything. I bought a big bag at a small booth somewhere and have wondered what inspired me to do that because I've never been a user of cardamon. Even  when I was growing up it was one of those tiny boxes of spice that collected dust at the farthest corners of the kitchen cupboards. After I risked adding it to some waffle batter I've decided that I've neglected cardamon use in the kitchen for far too long.

      Inspiration is indeed a strange little bug. It has been quite awhile since I really felt such a strong desire to draw. It frequently arrives like an itch but when I saw that lovely picture of the prehistoric birdie and saw how her wings left two little clawed fingers free-- I set aside everything and started drawing. I had other work to do. But the dull, drab, dreary world of page layout and typesetting was gleefully ignored. I could almost wish for that sort of creative drive every day except that that silly book has to get finished sooner or later.

      Y'know, that bearded, amazing Nelson character and some of the comic book folk I mentioned are all friends of a neighbor of yours. Do you still bump into Les occasionally? He's another one of those people who have met me a dozen times and never remember the previous meetings but we're instant friends all over again every time.

      How is your rather conservative neighborhood holding up under commie-fascist-sharia dictator Obama? Everybody still cheering over how clever Walker is? The last presidential election from this end of the telescope was strange. I never heard a single word from the local press that was anything more positive than politely dismissive of Mitt Romney. Walker is entirely below our radar but what I scrounge online has me pulling out my hair in frustration. Hard to believe he's still at it. What else can he think up?

      I've been getting a pretty good response from my drawing around the interwebs. I've been pondering where that tea cup and saucer came from. Might just have been something that suggested itself when I was drawing those clawed hands. I love the little details in Mark's drawings. He also has a playful sense of humor and it shows in his work. I can spend a day drawing and even come up with drawings that I quite like but it's a very different experience to really have something fighting to get out of my head.

      Saving the elusive werelynx though swag.

      by Marko the Werelynx on Sun Jun 02, 2013 at 12:10:46 AM PDT

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