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View Diary: Louisiana House committee keeps unconstitutional creationism law on the books (52 comments)

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    The big corporations and super-rich who actually call the shots in government care far less about the actual outcome of this and other social wedge issues (e.g., abortion, contraception, and gay equality) than they do about maintaining low taxes, weak regulation, weak labor, and the ability to play off states and countries against each other in a race to the bottom for everyone but themselves. But they (and their two political parties) love generating social wedge issues because it distracts the little people's attention from the fact that both parties are screwing the little people into the ground on their behalf.

    Gay equality seems to be growing less viable as a wedge issue, for now, and with Roe v. Wade all but gutted over the years by state legislatures, the expansion of Catholic hospital systems, and a hostile US Supreme Court majority, I thought abortion might be revived as the big difference on which our two corporatist parties would stake out their claims. But I guess the more wedge issues you have, the less attention voters pay to the big-money issues, so creationism has been thrown into the mix as well.

    Teaching creationism may be the hight of benighted lunacy, but unless you keep your eyes on the big-money picture, the best you're going to end up with is a plutocratic government that's not viscerally hostile to gays, abortion, contraception, secularism, and science. While that may be enough for many in this site's readership, I don't find it much to cheer about.

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