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  •  J, do you do that just after the seeds have formed (5+ / 0-)

    ... or gather them and wait till fall to distribute them?  I realize there may be no definitive answer ...

    In addition to the wild iris, there's a marvelous wild perennial purple lupine growing not far from the mailbox that has set seeds already.  I want to gather and spread the seeds along the trail, but as always, i'm just not sure about the timing ...

    •  I've done it both ways. (5+ / 0-)

      With the yellow wildflowers I just scattered the seeds immediately. I figured the wind would have done the same. Bluebonnet seeds scatter on their own in late May and by September I usually see seedlings emerging although all the info says to sow them in the fall. Ultimate success depends on many factors with the most important ones being adequate moisture to germinate combined with the appropriate amount of sunlight or shade.

      If you collect enough seeds perhaps you can try sowing a few immediately and the rest in the fall.

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