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  •  my hypothesis has always been that the media (8+ / 0-)

    exist solely and only to sell airtime. They don't give a flying fig what is in their news stories, as long as it entices people to watch the corn flakes commercials. Fox may be a bit of an exception because of the peculiarities of its owner, but even THEY made their market as a network through shows like "Married With Children"--shows that brought ratings. MSNBC went "liberal" because its previous programming was bombing in the ratings--it tried something else, it happened to work, so they stuck with it. If they could compete successfully with Fox by going full-out fascist, I have no doubt they'd do a complete 180 in seconds and be just as happy with it.

    That's also why I have always thought that all the rightwing media clowns--Rush, Coulter, Malkin-- are just poseurs and performers. None of them actually believe anything they are spouting. They simply give their audience what it wants, and laugh at them all the way to the bank.

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