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View Diary: Without Irony, the U.S. Rebukes Turkey for Cracking Down on Protesters (155 comments)

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    US actions versus rhetoric, not about this particular situation alone.  Sure, countries and people should call each other out when actions are wrong.  But hypocrisy is hypocrisy and that's what it is.  
    Hypocrisy is pretending to have morals, ethics or principles when you actually don't.  So the State Dept can criticize others all they want but due to the overall hypocrisy of the US government it doesn't carry much weight.  It's like a rapist criticizing a murderer.  They might be right but look who's talking.
    Nobody likes a hypocrite, that's as old as the hills.  Mote in the eye, clean up your own house, set a good example, etc.  It doesn't make what they say wrong, it's that they have no moral authority to be taken seriously.  

    "I'm an antiwar propagandist as accused by democrats. Not even republicans have called me that."

    by BigAlinWashSt on Sun Jun 02, 2013 at 10:03:17 AM PDT

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